About Me

Hi, my name is Ashley Feltner.

I bring the humanity to the digital experience.  It's a bold statement, but I only had 15 seconds (or less) to get your attention.

My beliefs are: that words do matter, a little empathy goes a long way, and knowing your purpose in life is imperative.

Words Matter

My career has taken me from corporate recruiter and storyteller to working with C-suite executives on top marketing initiatives.  In between, a transformational (and challenging) career leap unexpectantly exposed my nerdish talent for and success in writing.  I discovered a love for copywriting and creating campaigns, programs, and stories that move people to take action to improve their lives.

A Little Empathy

The desire to see another's point of view and the ability to tell their stories is why I am able to engage with a diverse audience.  It is why people connect to my articles, blogs, scripts and copy.  When we seek to solve problems, our work becomes interesting, altruistic, and meaningful while still being profitable.

Know Your Purpose

I am more than a writer.  I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, and a friend.  I am the oldest of four and may (or may not) embody several stereotypical first-born character traits.  My husband and I have two very active teenage daughters and two very lazy spaniels.  I am one of eight GG's (Grapevine Girls) - a historied group of friends since our days matriculating at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

For those of you still with me, I've got more.

Articles, Employee Engagement, Brochures and Flyers, Thought Leader Collaboration, and Social Posts

Ashley Feltner